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Salisbury Twins and More Club was formed in 2004 to support families with twins and higher order multiples in the Salisbury area.

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About Us

About Us

Salisbury Twins and More Club was formed in 2004 to support families with twins and higher order multiples in the Salisbury area.

As parents of twins ourselves we understand how daunting the prospect of having twins or triplets or more can be. Having a multiple birth is often an experience that is completely new to you and often you do not know anyone in the same situation. Joining a Twins and Multiples Club gives you the chance to meet others in the same situation enabling you to learn skills from them, whether it be tips on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning, potty training or simply getting out the house with more than one baby.

Parents of multiples who come to the club are keen to help other parents who are expecting or have just had multiples. We have found talking with other parents of multiples at the group to be a huge support in the early days and beyond.  The club also welcomes families with older twins, not just those with babies.  So, if you’ve just moved to the area or haven’t come across the twins club before, you’re welcome to join at any time. 

The Club is a place where you can ask questions and advice of others who have been in the same situation as you and where you can get some moral support from others who have been there. You don’t just have to come to playgroups to get this support and advice. We have a closed Facebook group which is just for our members. It is a safe place to ask other multiple parents for advice. We also have a Facebook group for buying and selling baby items and things which will be of use to multiple parents. To be added to the groups please contact us either by email or via our Facebook page, a link to this is on the website. Whatever it is you’re going through with your babies, it’s likely other multiple parents have been through it too and can offer advice and support.

What do we do?

We currently meet at The Impact Centre, Churchfields Estate, Salisbury where there is a large indoor play space, plenty of toys on hand and an onsite cafe. We also provide tea and biscuits for the parents and a healthy snack for the children.

From January 2017 we will be moving to a new hall, the Bob Blandford Memorial Hall in Wilton. It is a lovely hall with easy parking and an enclosed outdoor area which we can make good use of in good weather.  Playgroups in 2017 will be fortnightly on a Wednesday and continue during half terms and main school holidays so that older children can attend.  We also organise weekend outings for the whole family, so that we can keep in touch with those who can’t attend playgroups and we have a Girls Night Out and a Dads Night Out on an ad hoc basis.  We hold two fundraising parties a year, a Summer Party and a Christmas Party.

We help at the Salisbury District Hospital’s Marvellous Multiples Antenatal Class and we run our own Feeding Evening for expectant parents.

There are many different ways of taking part in the group and meeting other parents and multiples. All club members are welcome to join our playgroups and events and bring their family along. Parents expecting multiples are more than welcome to come along before their babies arrive. It is a good way to meet other members.  

See the Events page for up coming playgroups, meet ups and antenatal classes.

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